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El Loco Termina

5.  Other Websites

"El Loco"

I have compiled below a list of websites from the approximately dozen websites I have created since I started building websites about five years ago.   Any not shown are out of date or simply lapsed due to lack of my attention.

I consider these to be most pertinent to my current interests in politics and culture (with some deviations for variety) and I update some more than others.   In my opinion, they are still topical and pertinent.

Thoughts, Ideas, and Considerations  (This Site)      Updated August 5, 2021

My Experience With Alcohol                                Updated July 25, 2021

Descending Into Dementia                                  Updated July 25, 2021

Coming Home                                                              Updated May 27, 2021

Thoughts, Ideas, and Considerations                                Updated March 31, 2021

Journey Of El Loco                               Updated November 7, 2021

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