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El Loco Termina

4.  Additional Thoughts


Seniors (a category I assume I will fall into in several years, since I am only 77 years old now), have the reputation of talking endlessly about their health and the various maladies and treatments for same, even comparing notes as if it were some kind of contest.   Not me, of course, but perhaps some people I know.

My body seems to be in better shape than my brain, likely do to a strict regimen of the usual dynamic duo, healthy food in small quantities and moderate exercise in large quantities.  I tried all the other methods all of my life, to no avail, until I came upon the secret formula above.  So I tried it, and it works!  I have no idea how this simple concept eluded me, and were someone to write a book about it, I do believe they could be quite successful.

The big difficulty I faced is that I did not want to do it, for a variety of reasons, the primary one being it could be uncomfortable, a situation in which I will go to extremes to avoid.  "The hell with discipline, I used to say, and bring on the pleasure!"  This motto has gotten me into more trouble in my life than almost any other single thing I can recall, and it always seemed so easy.  I wish I could share the secret with the world, as I could become rich, famous, adored, and perhaps go on TV, and fat people everywhere would swoon at my intelligent perception as to the cause of my weight, and my miraculous abilities to follow the perfect program.

I used to partake in experimental medicines, sometimes called psychedelics way back when, and the use of them profoundly changed my life for the better.   One such "material" or "medicine" as we called it (to avoid the public's idea that drugs were bad and should not be used) was called "ibogaine," which I believe was some African or South American naturally growing plant, very rare.   Problem is, we already use more legal and illegal drugs in the United States than in the rest of the world combined, I believe, all to cure us of something or other, or at least provide a temporary palliative or respite of some sort.

Psychedelics, in the controlled circumstances in which I used them, were life-affirming, eye-opening, and presented profound and unforgettable opportunities to view one's life in a way that made available certain opportunities for considerable personal growth and insights into what we called "problems," which turned out to be simply opportunities when viewed from a different perspective.  This was an astonishing discovery for me, and my use of them was very important in my ability to move past some early childhood traumas and emerge as a productive, happy, and useful human being.

And so one day in the middle of one of these indescribable and life-changing experiences, I thought to inwardly ask the question of myself and of the universe:  "How can I lose weight?" expecting a deepening view of my past traumas, whatever belief systems I had that were preventing me from seeing the clear answer, and view and understand all the hidden issues that had been in my life that did not allow me to see the answer to this weighty question in a simple, easy way, so that I could take appropriate action to solve this burning issue that was clearly ruining my life.

And so after much quiet and profound inner seeking of the deep and dark realms of my unconscious, no doubt anchored in my relationship with my mother and father, the answer came clearly to me as if God Herself had come into the room, all bright and angelic, and leaned over and whispered to me the following words with the secret I had been seeking for so long, and which I shall never forget, and that answer forever solved that intractable problem I could not previously solve.

The answer was contained in two words:  "Eat Less."   There it was, right in front of me, the answer I had been seeking most all of my life.  Two words, and that was it.

And so I tried it, and it works.  Amazing what one can learn by paying attention.

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