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El Loco Termina

El Loco Termina

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El Loco Termina

Created July 22, 2021

September 22, 2021

Rather than correct the numerous errors in this website, due to inattention and low reader use, I have decided to let things go for now, and to let the website die a natural death due to not renewing it when payment comes due.
So you are advised to print out any kernels of truth or wonderful insights now, as they will be forever confined to the dustbin of history very soon. 
The other websites by me are far better, more pertinent, more interesting, and way less snarky.
Thank you for getting this far on this particular failed effort !


Stunningly wonderful content with
wry, witty, wistful insights, together with
pensive and probing
discussions of
life and death!

Copyright 2021
Michael McCaffery

All Rights Reserved
(of course)

My Latest And Last Website Featuring A Periodic Blog

About The Future, With A Bit Of The Present And Past Thrown In For Context


This site is intended to simply be a personal discussion by me of various issues, insights, thoughts, and lessons from a lifetime of introspection and inquiry, surrounded by the usual activities that make up the typical life of a human being.

I simply write of everyday occurrences, thoughts, ideas, and lessons
that might be applicable to others. 

This is informed and shaped by a recent diagnosis of dementia in the form of Alzheimer's Disease, with a few other maladies thrown in, all with a whimsical and humorous outlook.

I simply write about what I intend to be informative, entertaining, and useful.   
At a minimum, I try not to bore the Reader,
and hope to provoke some inner exploration among all of us who share the planet.

What follows is the first step.


Do not take any of this seriously, since what passes for "thinking" in my somewhat
demented mind may bear little relation to the truth.   
This of course brings up the question as to "what is truth?"

For the answer I recommend you read any book or website on
thoughts, psychology, religion, and/or humanity
for the answer. 
I am still wondering, and I say that as a hard-headed evidence-based engineer.

I invite you to continue by following one of the links below.

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